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2021 North Atlantic Virtual Cancellations

The North Atlantic Region is home to National Park Service sites that chronicle the country’s rich cultural diversity, as well some of the most poignant examples of America’s economic struggles and inequities. The natural features of this region are varied, including rocky coastlines and subalpine mountains.

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Eleanor Roosevelt NHS

Visit Val-Kill, the home of Eleanor Roosevelt. This is where Franklin and Eleanor entertained friends, state visitors, and others in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. Experience the site from home with a tour from Google Arts and Culture.

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt NHS

Home to the 32nd and longest-serving president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt returned to Hyde Park often, drawing on this place to renew his spirit during times of personal and political crisis. Enjoy a virtual tour of the site with Google Arts and Culture.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy NHS

As a boy, JFK’s parents never expected he would grow up to be president. Yet in his birthplace home he learned values that inspired a life in public service. His mother, Rose Kennedy, recreated her family’s first home to share her memories of those early years with visitors. Learn more about the Kennedy family with a virtual viewing of the park’s official visitor center film, or check out the virtual Junior Ranger program.

Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters NHS

Explore this 260 year old house from your couch! See where George Washington learned to be a leader and shaped the Continental Army, and where poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow captured the imagination of the country with his words!

Salem Maritime NHS

Visit America’s first National Historic Site! Located in beautiful and historic Salem, Massachusetts, this park is bursting with fascinating history from America’s early days. Take the virtual History Tour to experience Salem Maritime NHS.

Sagamore Hill NHS

Sagamore Hill was the home of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, from 1885 until his death in 1919. During Roosevelt’s time in office, his “Summer White House” was the focus of international attention. Virtually explore the Roosevelt home and become inspired by the legacy of one of America’s most popular presidents.

Saugus Iron Works NHS

Saugus Iron Works is the first integrated ironworks in North America.  The site includes a reconstructed blast furnace, forge, rolling and slitting mill and a blacksmith shop.  The park also has a restored 17th century home and museum.  The nature trail along the Saugus River showcases local ecology and offers trails for recreation. Check out self-guided activities if you’re local, or explore the park from anywhere with digital offerings for all ages!

Vanderbilt Mansion NHS

“A hard-boiled goon bites off more than he can chew when he abducts a knowledgeable Park Ranger.”

Presented in a playful nod to Film Noir, this eight-minute video is a fun way to get answers to the most commonly asked visitor questions at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site.

Weir Farm National Historical Park

Take a virtual tour and experience the beauty of art and nature at Weir Farm National Historical Park.  Learn about the art of Julian Alden Weir, Mahonri Young and Sperry Andrews by visiting their studios, or take a walk to the Weir Pond to explore the natural features in the area and learn about the history of this serene and beautiful place.