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Jun 25, 2020Book Of The Week, Extend The Experience

Book of the Week

This week’s book of the week is Independence NHP: The Park In Pictures.

Large, cosmopolitan, tolerant, centrally located along the East Coast, politically conservative yet seething with an undercurrent of rebellious spirit – this was the Philadelphia of the 1770s. This was the setting in which American independence would finally be officially proclaimed to the world. 

Explore Independence NHP

Much of the past remains at Independence NHP in Philadelphia. You can stand in the shadow of Independence Hall or read the famous inscription on the Liberty Bell, but there is also much to discover that you cannot see or touch.  The ideas of liberty and self-government proposed and tested in these halls and on these grounds still echo through our lives today. 


The President’s House: Freedom and Slavery in the Making of a New Nation

Who decides what parts of history are memorialized? In twenty-first century Philadelphia, it’s the public! During renovations to the Liberty Bell Center in 2000, Philadelphians began to learn about – and reckon with – the reality that storied figures like George Washington were enslavers. This 16-minute video is a behind-the-scenes look at the power of the people and how we tell stories about sites like the President’s House.

Learn more about the President’s House from the National Park Service. 

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

Some bells just can’t be un-rung (or uncracked – but that’s a different story). No fair trials, no trade, no liberties, no tea – no wonder the founders were fed up! Here’s a catchy twist on why it was “Too Late to Apologize” for King George III.  

Learn more about the Declaration from the National Park Service. 

Who Said That? Axioms of Benjamin Franklin

What is an axiom? It’s a saying or statement that is self-evident to a wide group of people – in other words, a lot of folks agree that it’s true. Benjamin Franklin is known for his famous axioms, many of which he published under the pen name of “Poor Richard.” Browse a few of his most famous sayings below! 

Learn more about Benjamin Franklin from the National Park Service. 

Junior Ranger On The Go

Looking to add some fun to your day? Be a Junior Ranger from anywhere, any time with the Junior Ranger App from Independence NHP! Ring the Liberty Bell, create your own seal, or pose for a portrait – right from your phone or tablet! 

Passport Virtual Cancellation 

This activity may be called the Junior Ranger Challenge, but it’s full of fun for the whole family! And there’s an exclusive virtual Passport cancellation in it for you. ? You’ll explore what liberty means to you in your life, learn about the meaning of the Liberty Bell, and even hear what the bell may have sounded like when it rang more than 250 years ago… ?

Shop The Experience

Did reading about Independence National Historical Park inspire you? Bring a piece of that history to you! Display the Liberty Bell on your mantle, recreate Library Hall with the Ben Franklin mini blocks, or shop from a collection of other Independence NHP items here.

Benjamin Franklin
Mini Blocks

Liberty Bell

Declaration Of
Independence Ornament

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