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Jun 16, 2020Passport Blog, Passport To Your National Parks

Since 1986, national park visitors like you have used the Passport To Your National Parks® program to preserve memories of their park travels with ink cancellation stamps from national park sites across the country. In fact, you probably personalize your Passport book by adding stickers, logging the trails you hiked, and other fun details of your time in the parks!

Did you know there’s an even bigger collection of accessories and gear you can get to proudly show off your love of our national parks wherever you go? We put together this buying guide  for all Passport lovers and park supporters—because 100% of the proceeds from your purchases support the parks! 


Here are our top picks:

National Parks Travel Quest Map

National Park Travel Quest Map

Think outside the Passport – display your national parks progress on this customizable wall map! Mark your progress with two sets of stickers: the red campfires indicate where you’ve gone and the blue campfires indicate your absolute favorites. The border of the map includes the major national parks represented in stamps, making it one more layer of awesome. Pro-tip for the true Passport fan: use our stampable Passport stickers to add cancellations to the map!

Funky Bison Tee

Made of comfortable cotton, this totally righteous shirt features a bison—our national mammal and icon of the National Park Service—splashed across the front, and is the easiest way you can show off your love of the parks, while getting stamped or anywhere else! And you’ll never get lost in a crowd ?

tie-dye tee shirt with bison on the front
leather passport cover

Leather Passport Cover

You’ve covered your Kindle and your iPad, now it’s time to protect your classic blue Passport. This durable, protective leather cover will give your Passport more miles on the trail and keep all your favorite memories safe. Not to mention you’ll love the look of it too!

Passport Zion Pin

The Passport pin is the perfect way to dress up your hiking bag, vest, hat, or jacket. Made of enamel and with a rubber backing (so you don’t stab yourself – what pin collector hasn’t been there?), it’s the perfect add-on gear to show your style and your national park love. Haven’t been to Zion yet? Good news, you can get a collectible Passport pin for most of the parks! We just have a soft spot for Zion.

Passport logo-style pin with Zion National Park on it
Jenga box

NPS Jenga

Jenga is always a crowd-pleaser but National Parks Jenga is on the next level: every block features two fun facts about a park. Any excuse to get together with friends and family is cool too! Like our virtual cancellations, this game is a great way to learn more about the parks while having fun at home.

Junior Ranger Backpack

No Passport list would be complete without remembering our favorite people to bring along on our expeditions—the Junior Rangers. This backpack is made for kids outdoors! It’s got extra padding for comfort, reflective material on the straps and back for safety, and compartments to fit everything a Junior Ranger needs—like their very own Junior Ranger Passport.

backpack with Junior Ranger logo on it
vintage-style Statue of Liberty poster

WPA Statue of Liberty Poster

This contemporary poster is designed in the style of Depression-Era Works Progress Administration posters and features Lady Liberty herself. It also showcases the poetry of Emma Lazarus that is inscribed on the statue’s pedestal:

Give me your tired, your poor / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. / Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me / I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

The goal of Passport is to connect everyone to the national parks, so we love this poster not just for its art, but also its message: this country is, like our national parks are, for everyone.

Suffrage Cat/19th Amendment Bundle

Women Making History: The 19th Amendment is the National Park Service’s latest book, created to safeguard and tell the history of American suffragists, the people who fought to pass the 19th Amendment. Because cats became associated with women’s suffrage—first as an insult, then as an empowering symbol after suffragists took back the meaning of the cat—we decided to make her a real thing. Grab your book and your suffrage cat to cozy up for a good read—the perfect end to a long day of adding to your Passport collection!

NPS 19th Amendment Handbook and Suffrage Cat Plush

Why Passport®?

The goal of the Passport To Your National Parks® program is to connect everyone to the beauty, nature, and history of each unit of the National Park Service. When you purchase and use official Passport books and merchandise, you’re directly supporting our national parks. 100% of proceeds from sales of Passport products and other items at the America’s National Parks Online Store support educational programs at parks across the country.

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