Class is in Session: Using Passport for Virtual Education

Jun 10, 2020Passport Blog, Passport To Your National Parks

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Put on your thinking caps and flex your mouse-clicking muscles…

…there is so much to learn about our national parks online. While we can’t make it to the parks right now, we can still use our Passports to bring the parks to us – and our classrooms, even though they’re looking a little different these days!

Paige Simoneau (known to her students as Ms. Sims) is an elementary school teacher from the Seattle area (that’s the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Region, for those of you keeping track at home ?). She brought the parks to her students with a lesson that used  the Virtual Passport program to explore the educational resources of our national parks. With so many parks offering educational content to people of all ages, there’s endless opportunity for learning!

Interested in Ms. Sims’ lesson? You’re in luck – check it out below!

Note: The video is 5:02 minutes long, but you’ll want to make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time to complete virtual experiences!

A Note of Thanks to Educators

The past few months, we have all undergone significant change in so many aspects of our lives – including how we learn. Remote education has become the norm for students nationwide, and our country’s educators have spent countless hours developing their curricula to facilitate successful learning in this new way. Thank you for your creativity, adaptability, and dedication to inspiring the next generation of park lovers!

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Why Passport®?

The goal of the Passport To Your National Parks® program is to connect everyone to the beauty, nature, and history of each unit of the National Park Service. When you purchase and use official Passport books and merchandise, you’re directly supporting our national parks. 100% of proceeds from sales of Passport products and other items at the America’s National Parks Online Store support educational programs at parks across the country.

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