Virtual Cancellation Collector’s Guide

Jun 3, 2020Passport Blog, Passport To Your National Parks

Welcome to the Passport® Virtual Cancellation Collector’s Guide!

Whether you’ve been stamping your Passport since 1986 or are brand new to the park stamp community, we have everything you need to collect and organize the virtual cancellations you’ve earned.

Collecting virtual Passport cancellations is easy, and so is organizing them. Here’s how to get started:

Printing Virtual Cancellations

  1. Complete a virtual experience.
  2. Click the “Download” button next to the cancellation to view a saveable PDF, or click the image for a PNG file.
  3. Print your cancellations at 150×150 pixels to get the right cancellation size.

Now you’re ready to choose your own Passport adventure! Here’s some inspiration:

Old Faithful

Your trusty Passport has been with you through thick and thin – from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of Highland Lighthouse, from the swamps of Congaree to the fog of Alcatraz. Make room for your new virtual cancellations among your old memories with a Passport Classic Edition Expander Pack – just pop in the pages, no extra supplies needed!

New Frontiers

Have you discovered that national parks are your passion? Or maybe you’ve found a new zest for life and are ready to plan the most epic park tour of all time. We have one thing to say: you’re gonna need a bigger Passport! Hook yourself up with the Passport Explorer Edition, which comes with plenty of space for your virtual cancellations plus room to grow with the Explorer Expander Pack.

Junior Ranger (From Home)

For the Junior Rangers and Junior Rangers at heart! Keep the fun going with a Junior Ranger Edition Passport. The newest member of the Passport family comes with lots of room for classic round cancellations and special Junior Ranger stamps, plus fun educational activities and stickers.

Collect to Recollect

Use your virtual cancellations to create a 2020 time capsule. Glue your printed virtual cancellations into your Passport and jot down a few notes about how you kept busy during the last few months of social distancing. Make a list of your favorite digital experiences so you can remember to check them out in person some day! You’ll want a fresh Classic Edition and the 2020 Passport® Stamp Set to get started.

Go Paperless

Share the virtual Passport cancellation love – virtually! Save and share your virtual cancellations on Instagram, Facebook, or wherever you keep your digital memories. Make sure to use #NPSPassport in your posts to connect with other Passport enthusiasts!

Why Passport®?

The goal of the Passport To Your National Parks® program is to connect everyone to the beauty, nature, and history of each unit of the National Park Service. When you purchase and use official Passport books and merchandise, you’re directly supporting our national parks. 100% of proceeds from sales of Passport products and other items at the America’s National Parks Online Store support educational programs at parks across the country.

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