Meet Arkile – Site Manager, Old Stone House in Rock Creek Park

Sep 27, 2019Employee Spotlight

Arkile J. poses in front of the museum entrance at Old Stone House in Rock Creek Park. An informational sign behind him is titled "Oldest Original Home in DC"

This job allows me to work with fun visitors and help in their unique park experience and learn about national parks and other public trusts and it also allows me to help those visitors on a personal level whether it’s a person trying to find that special book as a gift for their grandchild or the family looking for a magnet to help remember their amazing trip to a national park.

At America’s National Parks and Eastern National our work environment changes constantly, one moment you are working at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and an hour later you are on the title basin selling amazing items with cherry blossoms as your background.

Arkile Eating Cherry Blossom Donut
Arkile J., Site Manager

Over my six years with Eastern National, now America’s National Parks, I’ve grown by learning more about myself and how I relate to people and events in history, and I have grown my skills in customer service, product development and a better understanding of the business on the store level.

The most exciting part of my current role as Site Manager at Old Stone House in Rock Creek Park is getting to work with ANP’s management team and the National Park Service to develop amazing products that tell the story of one of Washington DC’s oldest homes as well as one of the park service’s largest urban parks.

The most interesting and surprising thing about working for America’s National Parks is that not only do you get to work at some amazing locations, you also get to really be a part of the park, join in the park family and help visitors learn about history.

Arkile J., Site Manager at Old Stone House park store located in Rock Creek Park and America’s National Park employee since 2013.

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